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 Post subject: Updates 26/10/2020 to 30/10/2020:
PostPosted: November 15th, 2020, 8:54 am 
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Updates 26/10/2020 to 30/10/2020:

Fixed quest points
Fixed quest points ... g-in-style
Fixed quest points
Fixed Mythic dungeon spells
Corrected pvp talent
Fixed npc spell
Fixed npc spell
Fixed npc spell
Fixed npc spell
Corrected boss spells and npc spells in waycrest manor
Fixed damage of spell
Corrected spell
Corrected level scaling in Stormsong valley
Added vendor items
Corrected world quest opcodes
Fixed The Legion Returns Quest
Fixed 400+ menus of npcs.
Corrected all adds in Ahn'kahet:
The Old Kingdom . Including blizzlike spells and npc text
Full fixed dungeon Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
Correcteed dungeon Azjol nerub all adds with spells blizzlike working perfect
Scenario Tol Dagor,Door included.
Started work in Scenario Battle for Lordaeron
Added Raid Battle of Da'zalor to LFG and added
entrance to the raid.
Added starting work to Shadowlands Branch Source
Spawned and being scripted ... #abilities
Fixed level of world boss and being scripted too
Scripted world boss
now work with all spells
Scripted boss ... #abilities
SCRIPTED and spawned all world boss in Kultiras and Zuldazar zones
Implemented CastableRaidBuffs Db2
Fixed level scaling of tiragarde sound
Added vendor data ... on-watkins
Full implemented opcode SMSG_GAME_OBJECT_SET_STATE
Fixed Shadowlands extractors, map extractor, vmap, dbc
Full implemented SMSG_XP_GAIN_ENABLED
Corrected customization packets implemented new anim char data
Full implemented CMSG_MOUNT_CLEAR_FANFARE opcode
Fixed wild bpet level
Fixed wild petbattle random movement
Fixed tokens:
- level boost 110,boost 110 + gear --> id = 789001
- level boost 120 ,boost 120 + gear --> id = 789002
- Battle_for_Azeroth_Pathfinder,learn flying in BFA--> 789003
- Broken_Isles_Pathfinder,learn flying in Legion --> 789004
Use in game the command .add 789001 for adding the item and then click in it.
Refactorized and improved world db,less memory use,faster loading,etc...
Improved gametable system
Applied corrections in challenge mode , mythic system
Started 3.3.5 Lich King Source Custom
Fixed teleport of item boost 110,now alliance get teleported
to storwind instead of orgrimar.
Fixed iteraction with npc Flynn for silithus questline.
Fixed iteraction with the most of npcs which didnt work
correctly before,like wesley inkeeper,Magni Bronzebeard,etc...
Fixed Gondria,the creature is tameable now :
Fixed mechanical robowolf pet of mechagnome,
initial pet getting lost when reloging
Fixed 77 exotic pets which werent tameable before,that pets are tameable by beast mastery hunter now.Example:
Fixed 553 normal pets which werent tameable before,
that pets are tameable now,example:
Now is tameable:
Fixed 2 go and quest thx to @Lordpepillo : ... urge-magic ... e-solanian


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