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New to the crypt is our new chat backgrounds page. Please check it out.

Chat Backgrounds

You have reached an irc chat server that is used for comic chat. If you don't have comic you may down load it from the rotating skull below. After it is installed come back here and then just click on the irc serverlink and you will be magically transported to a virtual reality.... comic strip style. Don't forget to introduce yourself to the Crypt irc ops as they are there to make your stay in irc comic chat as pleasant as possible.


Enter if you dare.

Multi-language MS Chat is Available Here

This site is best viewed at 1024X768 and uses font Bloody.ttf

If you dont have the font then just Click here. Save file to your desktop. Open it and unzip to


Added file cryptreg just download unzip and add to System Registry CryptReg

That's all there is to it



Crypt Net

Dead Characters is now fixed; AND you can post new ones too. If you need one posted please send us your AVS File or send us your Dead AVB file.

The Crypts Dead AVB's

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